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best wholesale fashion jewelry

Look for pieces that will sell fast. You don’t want to get stuck with items that sit. Different styles sell better in different locations. Black, clear, silver and gold move well. Ethnic customers might like colors better. Stay away from trademark items if they are not real. The penalties are too severe. However, do look for styles that have the same flavor as trademarked items. Keep up to date with the styles they are showing in the malls, and in the fashion magazines. Don’t be swayed by a super cheap price, free shipping or discounts. None of that will matter when the merchandise is sitting. Fashion jewelry is meant to sell fast with a high markup. And be very wary that you are not buying closeouts. Look for the word closeout on the website. You don’t want to buy jewelry that didn’t sell for someone else. If you do have some items that aren’t selling well, put them on sale. You can still make a profit on them. Sell them at cost if you have to. Your customers will appreciate the deal, and you can then use the cash to buy more hot items.